Single Cavity Mold: 12" Paddle - XXL (1 Heart)

Single Cavity Mold: 12" Paddle - XXL (1 Heart)

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This mold is a whopping 12 inches long! Cavity is a THICC 9mm deep.

Mold sizing can be viewed in product photos. Please compare size against pink mat (grid squares are 1 inch).

Our silicone molds are intended for resin casting and crafts only. The platinum cure silicone used in this mold is not food safe.

Our high quality molds are handmade using a very careful process. We strive for perfection, however, due to the handmade nature of our products there may be slight flaws or imperfections present. Please note: Wdo not accept cancellationsreturns, or exchanges on items, but we are happy to discuss any issues. 

, replicating, or re-molding our designs or molds is strictly prohibited.

By purchasing this mold, you are agreeing to these terms. 

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