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Tray Mold: Rose/Leaves Flower Tray [B Grade / White Dots]

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This mold is discounted because of slight imperfection. Imperfection may be a small hair, dust, may need to have loops re-drilled,  or it may not have cleaned up as perfectly as I like while trimming. This is a great way to get this mold at a discounted rate.

By purchasing this mold, you have agreed to this knowledge. 

Cavity is 12mm deep.

Mold sizing can be viewed in product photos. Please compare size against pink mat (grid squares are 1 inch).

Our silicone molds are intended for resin casting and crafts only. The platinum cure silicone used in this mold is not food safe.

Our high quality molds are handmade using a very careful process. We strive for perfection, however, due to the handmade nature of our products there may be slight flaws or imperfections present. Please note: Wdo not accept cancellationsreturns, or exchanges on items, but we are happy to discuss any issues. 

, replicating, or re-molding our designs or molds is strictly prohibited.

By purchasing this mold, you are agreeing to these terms. 

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